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Quality control and standardization of the final

Among the main advantages of the product 

Are increasing productivity and reducing the direct cost of fertilization, since it is possible to apply a lower dosage of NPK per hectare with superior performance. This is, among others, to facilitate the retention and slow release nutrient absorption, thus avoiding loss of nutrients by leaching, which also prevents contamination of rivers and lakes.

Fertilizer reduces up to 20% cost of fertilization and increases productivity: agronomic tests indicate the productivity gain from product
Credits: DivulgaçãoO biofertilizer of GEOMAN has shown very satisfactory results. Agronomic tests accompanied by technicians from the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) indicate the productivity gain from the product. By applying a dosage of 400 kg / ha of mineral fertilizer (NPK dose 52-132-00), commonly employed in crops in Brazil was possible to produce 12.9 t / ha maize. Already with the OM GEOMAN fertilizer with 55% of NPK dose (dose of NPK 28-72-00), it reached 13.7 tons / ha.

Quality control and standardization of the final product are other advantages of the fertilizer produced by the company. "Today, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers produced in the country are designed by hand, which does not allow the producers to ensure that different batches have the same amount of nutrients and micronutrients. As GEOMAN has access to a large volume of raw materials, you can ensure continuity in production. in addition, with thorough monitoring of the whole process, from composting to fertilizer production, ensure a product of higher quality than found in the market today, "says Kennedy Carvalho, chief operating officer of Geociclo.

Fertilizer reduces up to 20% cost of fertilization and increases productivity: In the tests is visible difference in the results between the types of fertilizer used
Credits: DivulgaçãoVeja which are the product advantages: increases the population of beneficial microorganisms to the soil and plants; directly reduces the cost of fertilization within 20% relative to the mineral fertilizer; increased productivity; retains and facilitates the absorption of slow release nutrients; prevents contamination of rivers and lakes for not allowing the leaching caused by chemicals used in agriculture; protects the soil salinization by high levels of mineral fertilization.

Other advantages are: displays simultaneously high NPK content and composted organic matter; superior mechanical properties (hardness, dust generation, density, uniformity); reduces the leaching of nutrients; quelatiza nutrients and links the elements to soil organic matter; disaggregates the clays compacted soils; gives cohesion to sandy soils; increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC); facilitates the transport of nutrients to the plant roots; have chelating effect on Fe, Mn, Zn, and Cu; and prevents soil erosion.


Result of three years of intensive research, the accelerated biodegradation technology developed by Geociclo Biotechnology is able to treat organic waste from various sources, such as sludge refrigerators treatment plants, animal manure, filter cake and boiler ash, bagasse cane, sawdust, poultry bed, organic municipal waste, among others, turning them into organic and organo-mineral fertilizers with high added value.

The bioaceleradores are composed of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi plus basic nutrients for its development. This combination promotes the reduction of the level of organic carbon, and ratio of C / N to stabilize the compound and the elimination of bad smell. The technology is capable of reducing in 100 days the composting process, generating a biofertilizer in about 20 days. Thus, the production scale of the product becomes possible, which is not currently the case, since the traditional solution - natural composting - lasts on average 120 days.

Thus, what Geociclo proposed is an integrated solution that covers the entire production cycle. The company analyzes and plans customized solutions according to the waste generated and the type of client activity. This process involves the analysis of waste, the development of engineering structure, manufacture and sale of fertilizer.

"Some customers need only give a correct destination residues thereof. In other cases, the use in its activities, the produced fertilizer itself, leads to reduced costs with the acquisition of mineral fertilizer. In addition, the application of organic fertilizers and organo offers significant agronomic advantages. We analyze each case individually, and develop specific solutions for each customer, "says Ernani Judice, director of GEOMAN.

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