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How to Treat Eye Fish With Natural Ingredients And Doing Small Operations

Many skin diseases one of which is a fish-eye disease. Eyelets can be found in the feet, toes, hands or other body parts. Fish eye disease is a disease caused by the human papilloma virus which is included in the group papova virus. This disease can be transmitted if you brush directly on peny6akitnya. In addition turns these fish eye disease can also be caused by pressure or friction. Eyelets is also a type of wart disease that usually occurs foot section and others. Although it looks small, but if let this disease may need a small operation to remove it. If you want to know How to Treat Eye fish, can you see how these below.
How to Treat Eye Fish

Using Sap Cambodia

The trick is to clear the first area affected eyelets. After that, apply a frangipani sap in the area evenly. Perform the routine way to eyelets you can disappear and untreated. Using frangipani sap turns can also be beneficial for skin diseases one of which is a fish eye.

How to Treat Eye Fish

Using Daun Dewa

God leaves can be useful for treating diseases of fish eye, fish eye is certainly not a disease that is so dangerous, but the eyes of the fish needs to be treated by treating the eyelets using leaf. The trick is to grind until smooth and then apply on the affected skin eyelets. The glaze results in the dressing with a bandage or gauze and leave to infuse.

Minor surgery

Minor surgery is very effective for treating eye diseases of fish. By removing the inner core can be a powerful fish eye diseases eliminate the disease. This operation was not sick because of pain arise after the drug is gone. So do a minor surgery to doctors and experienced JV.

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How to Treat Eye Fish

So that we can say about the article How to Treat Eye Fish. Hopefully the above method of treatment can be beneficial to all and thank you also to those of you who have visited our articles.

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